Monday, September 14, 2009

Trip to Dallas

Well here we are in Dallas, Texas. We've checked into our wonderful hotel, less than five minutes away from the hospital. Mason is crashed out in bed after a long day. Our trip here was actually really fun except for a few minor melt-downs in the car. We got into Dallas around 3pm today, and went straight to the Dallas World Aquarium to stretch, let Mason run around a little and check out the exhibits. It was a blast! Mason had so much fun looking at the fish, birds, sharks, stingrays, turtles, manatees, monkeys, otters and many other little (and big) critters. He recently learned the sign for bird, so he was doing that non-stop. I know tomorrow is going to be a long day in the hospital, so we're very glad that he had this experience today. He also had a wonderful time running around the hotel room this's amazing what a toddler can do to a room in less than five minutes...

Tomorrow is a big day with a real blood draw, head measurements, and consultations. I've already posted our schedule of appointments for tomorrow, so check that out if you haven't already. Luckily our hotel has a complementary shuttle anywhere within five minutes, so we might not even drive to the hospital. We'll update again tomorrow evening with details on how everything goes. Thanks for sending Mason lots of love!

Dinner time at the hotel.

Looking at fish!


Nature walk at our lunch stop yesterday in New Mexico.

Mason loves to smell flowers!


  1. Sounded like a blast! Still thinking of you guys back here.

  2. I hope the day is going well!! Been thinking about you guys today. Much love from Sweden,

  3. To Mason--Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
    To Aaron & Allison: Lots of virtual hugs going your way. If you find yourselves in the Austin area, I'd love to see y'all and meet your little guy.


  4. All 3 of you are amazing hang in there and it will be done and that handsome little man will be back in your arms before you know it. and we all know Daddy Milt is helping keep a close eye on that little man as well.
    Lova ya <3
    Beth Ann