Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Out of Surgery

Allison is back with Mason J, I don't think that anything could pull her away from our son right now, so I wanted to shoot out an update. Mason J is doing absolutely fine. The doctors told us that he went through the surgery well, and that they had to push more fluids than normal because his bp was fluxing, but he did fine and is in recovery now in the PICU. We hugged all the doctors and I had tears in my eyes, seeing our boy after his tough journey. His little body is so strong that I imagine it could take just about anything. Thankfully, because of Dr. Fearon, Dr. Sacco, and their group, he won't have to work too hard. We asked the PICU doc what we should be worried about and he said 'honestly, we don't have any problems with Dr. Fearon's patients, they all seem to do fine because he is so careful."


  1. All day long, my thoughts and love have been for you - I am so relieved that he is out of surgery and easily back into Allison's arms - ah for grace and gratitude. I love you all! Heather

  2. Thinking of Mason, Ally, and Aaron with love. You are doing it! Stay strong.