Thursday, September 3, 2009

Injection number two

Today was Mason's second round of Procrit injection/labs and he did great! It went much better that last time. Apparently the reason that Mason kept bleeding for so long last time was that the nurse (mistakenly) poked his thumb, which should not be done due to the artery there. This time they poked his finger to collect the blood, and they had to poke a second finger after the first did not produce enough. He cried a little bit at the first poke and then only whimpered a little after the second. He sat in his papa's lap and I let him suck on my finger which kept him really calm. It was soon over and he was happily playing. He did cry a little more after his injection this time, but it too passed relatively quickly. He went to the doctor's office wearing his "brave little lion" hat that I just finished knitting for him, and the nurses raved.

Mason in his lion hat playing with crayons before his injection.

Playing with Papa in the waiting room.

Our brave little boy!

Ouch, here comes the poke...fingers make everything better.

Nice job nurse!

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