Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Update

Mason has been in the OR an hour and we just got our first update. They actually just started the procedure, the first hour they got him to sleep and put in his IV lines and an arterial line that keeps track of his blood pressure with each heart beat. They said that all his lines went in very smoothly, and everything is right on track. He's wrapped up in my moby wrap...a little bit of comfort.


  1. good to hear! just think - next time you see him, he'll be on the road to recovery. not easy, for sure, but it'll get better and better from there...

    and did i mention i love the lion hat? i love the lion hat. so precious.

    lots of love to you!

  2. Hey Guys!!
    I am so glad that everything is going great. I am sending lots of love your way. Hugs and Kisses!!

  3. I am thinking about you guys and especially Mason J. Love you!

  4. Thinking of you MJ! Sending the good vibes toward Dallas. Thanks for the updates Alli-son. love you guys. muck and kels