Thursday, September 10, 2009

Last Procrit Injection

Reading a book with Mama before the last injection.

Mason had his third and last Procrit injection today. His pre-injection finger poke went well today, though the nurse did it yet a third way from the previous two. I guess there are no standard protocols for a finger stick hematocrit?? What do you think my doctor/nurse friends out there? They've used different lancing devices, poked different fingers (and thumbs) and used different collection devices as well. Today she just used this plastic tube to collect the blood, as opposed to the tiny vacuum tubes before, and it seemed like there was much more time for exposure to air, which possibly affected the results. His hematocrit today was lower than last week! I called wonderful nurse Cindy in Dallas when we got home and she said not to worry, that the drug is definitely working, and that she's seen this happen before. Different collection methods and lab technicians can produce different results, even with the same sample. Makes me wonder about some of my labs from my time in the hospital...

One thing I've noticed this time is that Mason is definitely less trusting when we go into the hospital/doctor's office. He gets upset now before a poke even happens because he knows it's coming. He had is chiropractor appointment today as well (he and I both go every month), and he was much less trusting today than normal. He was also tired and hungry, so I'm trying not to let it make me too sad.

I can't believe that we leave for Dallas in three days! I'm starting to feel a little unprepared...bills to pay, house to clean, insurance stuff in order (that will be it's own post some time), making road trip food, packing, getting directions to everywhere in Dallas, making sure everything is settled with the house sitters and putting up the two boxes of tomatoes (before they spoil) that I decided to buy at the last farmer's harvesting, farmer's market and the normal keeping up with the boy.

At this time next week the surgery will be behind us and we'll be focusing on Mason's recovery.

Hanging upside down with Papa.

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